Promoted’s Inaugural Client Conference

February 8, 2023 - San Francisco, CA

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Event Highlights

  • Promoted launches personalized search ranking at TPT! The total impact is still confidential but is “over +5%” GMV and revenue. We kick off the [confidential] next steps for TPT.
  • Outschool announces the first open contribution back to the open Promoted community! Advanced LTV modeling: coming Q2 2023
  • Promoted announces Going Open! Our engineering and PM peers at our customers celebrate with a first-pull-request send-off ceremony in Github.

Event Highlights

Personalized Search Ranking:
A tech talk about how the Promoted’s ML system works and the next advances on our roadmap.
Jun Sun, PhD (former Meta)

Data Visualization Theory for Engineers
How we apply data visualization principles in our upcoming Manager reporting product.
Elsa Birch, PhD (former Pinterest)

After Party!