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The path to ownership when using open Promoted


Managed Cloud

Deploy Promoted Cloud quickly for testing and immediate business impact.


Bring In-House

Self-host Promoted source code in pieces and on your timeline. Fully customizable and supported.


Contribute to the Community

Contribute code back to the Promoted community to build your engineering brand!


ML Engineers at Outschool advanced the state of the art in LTV modeling while increasing Outschool revenue.

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“Promoted was the single most impactful thing we launched in 2022”

Brindi Manolache

Product Manager, Search @ Outschool



The comprehensive second-system for unified search, feed, and ads.

Standard, open-source components knowledgable engineers trust with proven technology that is efficient and performant at scale.

See what makes Promoted technology best in-class

Standard, open-source components knowledgable engineers trust.

Proven to be efficient and performant implementation at scale.

Comprehensive system, including Metrics, Delivery, Manager (beta) and Content Management