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Unified search, feed, and ads for marketplaces

+10% revenue from dramatically better search, feed, and native ads ranking at scale. Finally fix search and discovery relevance and ads quality profitably.

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For top search, discovery, and ads engineering leaders

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Shockingly Better Relevance

+10% revenue from finally finding what you’re looking for in marketplace search, ads, and recommendations.

Dramatically Better Search

Combine tried-and-tested ML for incremental conversions with the latest in LLM search relevance AI technology.

Dramatically Better Ads

“Ads as good as organic.” Literally. Outrageously better performance ads quality, unified with search and recommendations.


Build In-House Better

There’s no better version of search and ads ranking that you’ll build later at any scale. Promoted is the best. Open and source available.


Promoted Technical Diagram

Promoted Technical Diagram

See what makes Promoted technology best-in-class

Review our open core source code and system diagrams to see for yourself. We have everything a top engineering department can do to make search, discovery, and native ads great. We’ll walk you through exactly how it all works and why. Talk to us.



We provision all services for each customer. No multi-tenancy. Multi-region and multi-cloud (AWS, GCP).



We run at public company scales on their main search, recommendation, and ads surfaces.



Dollars to milliseconds and from networking to inference, Promoted will be the most efficient system in your S&D+ads stack.


Contact sales to license our cloud, self-hosted, or shared source open core solutions.