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Using personalized, real-time search ranking, RVshare increased bookings from search by +25% and +10% total revenue per user (ARPU) overall.



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Melissa Turner Fortenberry
Melissa Turner Fortenberry

Chief Product Officer at RVshare


RVshare measured a consistent increase of 25% in user booking rates from search from after multiple months of rigorous A/B testing, compared to their previous in-house search ranking algorithm. Following this successful integration, Promoted and RVshare are now jointly focusing on further enhancing the search and discovery experience on RVshare by optimizing the post-booking experience and ensuring the success of RVshare hosts.




RVshare operates as a platform that connects individuals seeking RV rentals with a network of owners across the United States.

It caters to a wide range of travel needs and preferences by offering an extensive selection of RV types, including luxury motorhomes and compact travel trailers. This service facilitates the organization of road trips, camping trips, or the utilization of an RV for special events by providing a centralized platform for finding and renting vehicles.

The platform focuses on simplifying the rental process and emphasizes safety and reliability. It features secure payment processing and supports services like roadside assistance to ensure a smooth and secure travel experience. RVshare is tailored for those interested in outdoor exploration and traveling at their own pace, providing a convenient way to plan travel accommodations.

Demonstrating its success and reliability, RVshare has achieved significant milestones, including over 4 million nights booked and a listing of over 100,000 RVs. These achievements underscore the platform’s role in facilitating accessible and enjoyable travel experiences for a broad user base, highlighting its impact on the way people plan and enjoy their travels.

Melissa Turner Fortenberry
Melissa Turner Fortenberry

Chief Product Officer

RVshare Search

The Challenge

RVshare aims to enhance the rental experience for both entrepreneurs and renters by effectively matching renters with the ideal RVs. This involves considering a myriad of factors such as availability, proximity, pricing, and relevancy to ensure a seamless match.

Despite dedicating a team to the development of an in-house matching amdorithm, RVshare has encountered significant challenges in optimizing its performance. Some of the challenges included:

  • The inability to swiftly integrate actionable insights from data analysis into the amdorithm’s development process.

  • Persistent difficulties in elevating the precision and relevance of search results for users.

  • Challenges in creating a solution that efficiently scales with the growing inventory and user base.

The primary metric targeted for improvement is the rate of completed bookings. This entails refining the entire booking funnel—from initial search to final reservation—to maximize conversion and user satisfaction.

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Client and Server SDKs

Our Client Metrics Libraries integrated with RVshare’s web app to deliver the real-time data that powers Promoted Delivery.

When integrating web frontends with Promoted, you can use our state-of-the-art client libraries to get up and running quickly and correctly. Our libraries are tailored specifically for Promoted Delivery.

The Promoted Delivery API optimizes listings in search, feed, or paid promotions. Call our Delivery API where you would call a database or a search service like Elastic. We re-rank on every request to deliver the best possible listings, personalized to each user and context in real-time. To get your marketplace optimized faster, use shadow traffic to safely train and test our Delivery systems so you can be confident before live production.

Visit our Client Metrics SDKs and Server SDKs pages to learn more.

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