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Client Metrics SDKs

Open source and free for everyone. Log events, IAB impressions, dwell-time, and attributed conversions.

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Why Promoted Metrics?

The Promoted Client Metrics SDKs generate the data that powers a real-time optimization loop with our backends: Metrics → Delivery → Metrics. More than product analytics, Promoted Metrics are the data that your search, backend, ML, ads engineering, and measurement teams need.

Our open source Client Metrics SDKs are free to use. Use our backend, or fork our client SDKs and build your own backend.

Cross platform for Mobile and Web: iOS, Android, Web, and React Native.

Impressions Matter

Recent studies by the WSJ have shown that impressions and dwell time are the greatest predictor of content engagement in social media platforms such as TikTok.

The Promoted Metrics SDKs specialize in the hard work of determining what was actually a real impression from raw user visibility signals. We then attribute actions like clicks and conversions to impressions to learn what to show to drive results.

This data powers our recommendations to deliver useful results faster.

Robust and Efficient

Promoted depends on networking and protobuf code that’s in use across millions of mobile devices every day. We send binary protobufs over the network, which take up 80% less data than JSON. Our event batching saves energy while still delivering real-time metrics.

Your customers won’t notice any performance or battery impact when you integrate with Promoted.

Configuration and Monitoring

Our Metrics SDKs for mobile platforms are built with Google Firebase™ to ensure that your metrics pipeline remains healthy. Analytics alert you to any anomalies. Remote Config controls logging behavior in production.

Other diagnostic tools show you exactly what data Promoted is logging from your app, both in development and production.All of this keeps your metrics pipeline powering your delivery system, without interruption.

Demo Apps

Want to learn more? We have a Demo App on GitHub. See how to integrate the Promoted Metrics SDK with your Android app and examples of its use. Demo Apps for iOS and React Native are coming soon.

Demo App
Coming Soon
React Native
Coming Soon

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