The power of Personalized Search and Ads.

Promoted helps online marketplaces and scaled e-commerce apps optimize unified search, feed, and ad to increase revenue, conversions, and control.

Online marketplaces face unending demand for improvements at scale.

Promoted can help!

Problems that today’s marketplaces face...

  • Increasing complexity
  • Stagnating search and recommendations quality
  • Lack of transparency about evolving marketplace dynamics
  • Boosts and inserts are breaking the system
  • Need to balance growth with profitability

Promoted’s Unified Ranking System

Promoted’s Unified Ranking System considers the long-term success of your marketplace by unifying the measurement and optimization of search, ads, and recommendations.

Optimize for sustainable, long-term business value

Promoted’s Unified Ranking System optimizes for long-term business outcomes like sales and revenue, not proxy metrics like clicks or views.

Improve user experience for both buyers and sellers

Promoted’s Unified Ranking System maintains user retention and trust while optimizing recommendations. Promoted optimizes for long-term revenue without eroding the confidence of your buyers.

A Truly Unified System Ranking System

Promoted unifies optimization over the levers of user value, business objectives, and overall platform revenue to deliver the most robust results for your marketplace.

Best in-class Technology


Promoted’s technology works in real-time. As the platform learns, items are positioned in real-time to optimize revenue. Promoted's real-time capabilities extend to metrics and reporting as well.

Metrics and Visibility

Promoted works by measuring everything in your marketplace and giving you an unparalleled view of the performance of your system.

Open and Unified

Promoted’s core technology is open to evaluation, and implementation into your existing system is easy.

Promoted’s Technology Architecture

Optimize what’s important...and measure it!

Promoted allows different outcomes to be optimized. Using Promoted’s unified ranking system gives unparalleled flexibility and visibility in optimizing the goals and results of your marketplace.


User Experience

Ad Revenue