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Using personalized and real-time search ranking for marketplaces, Outschool increased revenue by +16%, conversions by +11% and continues to improve revenue by integrating with Promoted.





Watch interview with Product Manager, Brindi Manolache at Outschool

Brindi Manolache


We initially launched with Outschool for +11% conversions in the summer of 2022. Then, we launched two additional LTV (Life Time Value) optimizations for an additional +2% and +7% (~9%) in total in the following months. The total impact is roughly +16% revenue by better matching teachers with learners.




Outschool is an online learning platform that empowers kids ages 3–18 to learn on their own terms with the widest variety of teachers, topics and classes to suit any interest.

They offer interactive, small-group classes that are fun and social, video classes that can be taken any time, and clubs that connect learners around their favorite topics.

Outschool has raised over $240M in venture capital, most recently in a Series D, from world class partners, and is among the top 20 largest private consumer marketplaces. Today, Outschool offers more than 140,000 live online classes to more than 1,000,000 learners in 183 countries worldwide.

Jim Blomo
Jim Blomo
Head of Engineering, Outschool
Kejia Zhu
Kejia Zhu
Product Lead, Outschool
Brindi Manolache
Brindi Manolache
Product Manager, Outschool
Outschool search results

The Challenge

Outschool’s mission is to inspire kids to love learning. They believe the best way to do that is by linking learning to interests and giving kids the autonomy to pick their own path.

To do that, Outschool wanted to better match learners with educators to increase search conversion rates, total GMV, and profitability. Existing recent investments in search quality were promising, and Outschool wanted to extend these investments to further increase conversion rates.

These investments using had already brought Outschool search conversion optimization to the state-of-the-art in terms of systems and practices. Any further improvement would need to be an order-of-magnitude investment in a combination of user metrics collection, data processing, modeling, and real-time serving.

Interview with
the Engineering Team

Erwin Alberto
Erwin Alberto
Engineering Manager, Search, Discovery, and Merchandising
Christopher Soto
Christopher Soto
Staff Software Engineer, Search & Discovery

Watch video interview with Erwin Alberto and Christopher Soto at Outschool

Student using Outschool

Client and Server SDKs

Our Client Metrics Libraries integrated with Outschool’s web app to deliver the real-time data that powers Promoted Delivery.

When integrating web frontends with Promoted, you can use our state-of-the-art client libraries to get up and running quickly and correctly. Our libraries are tailored specifically for Promoted Delivery.

The Promoted Delivery API optimizes listings in search, feed, or paid promotions. Call our Delivery API where you would call a database or a search service like Elastic. We re-rank on every request to deliver the best possible listings, personalized to each user and context in real-time. To get your marketplace optimized faster, use shadow traffic to safely train and test our Delivery systems so you can be confident before live production.

Visit our Client Metrics SDKs and Server SDKs pages to learn more.

Vigilance and Details: Interactive Debugging Outschool Search with

At Outschool, we take search quality extremely seriously. We want to make sure our users are consistently served relevant and accurate search results. When we get a report where search results that are not quite right, we jump into action to find out exactly what happened and fix our algorithm so that similar reports don’t happen again. Below is an example of how we typically debug search ranking errors.

The Outschool team continuously monitors search quality reports. Red alert! A user had a search result that wasn’t as expected! The search query was “national geographic level 3 flex.” The item “Book Club: National Geographic Level 3 English Reading Club FLEX Series 1” was expected to be first, but it ranked 11th. Other items that didn’t share many title keywords ranked higher. The Outschool team reaches out to our search partners at, who immediately jump onto debugging the issue with us...

Watch interview with Head of Product & Engineering, Jim Blomo at Outschool

Jim Blomo

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