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Using personalized and real-time search ranking for marketplaces, Hipcamp increased conversions by +11% and continues to improve revenue (ARPU) using continuous optimization and AI.



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Mike Kolarik
Mike Kolarik

Staff Product Manager at Hipcamp

“We love Promoted. While I was initially pretty skeptical, after years of testing we feel confident Promoted has meaningfully improved our conversion upwards of 10%. And I love that it is open source, so that we can bring the tech in-house anytime. Thank you Promoted!”

Alyssa Ravasio
Alyssa Ravasio

Founder + CEO of Hipcamp

Results and Hipcamp have been partners in search optimization for over two years, continuously improving results, supporting new products, and better matching guests and hosts using personalized, real-time machine learning for search ranking. The improvement is a consistent +11% in total bookings and as much as +23% bookings from search as measured in A/B backtests.




Hipcamp is a growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays.

By connecting people with the land and each other, Hipcamp works to support those who care for the land and get more people out under the stars.

Hipcamp has the backing of world class partners including A16Z, Benchmark, August Capital, and O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures, most recently in a Series C.

Jon Eckstein
Jon Eckstein

Engineering Lead, Hipcamp

Mike Kolarik
Mike Kolarik

Staff Product Manager, Hipcamp

Hipcamp search results

The Challenge

Hipcamp wanted to increase user booking rate, a proxy of revenue and both guest and host satisfaction, by improving the quality of its marketplace search results.

With a mature engineering team already following best practices in search and discovery optimization, Hipcamp already had optimized its results to an industry-standard search quality score.

No more obvious low-hanging fruit remained and additional best-practices work failed to move metrics forward. In addition, Hipcamp had product constraints around distance, boosting, and blending, and required support for its in-house marketplace managers to manipulate listings. They needed a unified and adaptive solution to serve many stakeholders.

Camping outdoors

Web and Mobile SDK

Our Client Metrics Libraries integrated with Hipcamp’s web and mobile apps to deliver the real-time data that powers Promoted Delivery.

When integrating web or mobile frontends with Promoted, you can use our state-of-the-art client libraries to get up and running quickly and correctly. Take the guesswork out of your analytics. Our libraries are tailored specifically for Promoted Delivery.

Visit our Client Metrics SDKs page to learn more.

Long-term Engineering Partners

Hipcamp and Promoted engineers collaborate weekly on the latest machine learning technology and the signals that make the Hipcamp special. Their joint efforts have led to the innovative use of weather and lunar data to optimize the marketplace, significantly improving user engagement and booking likelihood.

For an in-depth exploration, visit the Hipcamp Engineering Blog.

Integration Walkthrough

A step-by-step concrete example of how to integrate with Promoted featuring live customers and concrete, visual examples.

Read this complete walkthrough of Promoted’s systems, and learn how a search query submitted on Hipcamp’s mobile app results in better search results. This overview details the entire process of finding and booking lodging, from opening the Hipcamp app through completing a booking.

Watch video interview with Jon Eckstein and Mike Kolarik at Hipcamp

Jon Eckstein
Jon Eckstein

Staff Software Engineer at Hipcamp

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